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CASHnCHECKS is the duet team of Deanna Cash and James Paycheck.

The original country music they write and perform ranges from neo-traditional to modern popular, filled with Deanna & James' solo songs as well as many special original real country music duets. The latest album from the famous duo is titled, "One More Night" and boasts some of the biggest names in the music business. From getting the legendary Charlie McCoy to leave the golf course to play harmonica, to the equally famous pedal steel player, Sonny Garrish, that has recorded with the likes of Shania and Garth.

After many years of making records, CASHnCHECKS has produced an album that is sure to impress every fan with not only original songs but, songs written by John Rich, Gretchen Wilson, Byron Hill, Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash.

The much awaited new CASHnCHECKS "One More Night" album is filled with special songs and music including the hit single "Country Girl" !

Deanna Cash Photo

Deanna Cash

Deanna Cash was born in Grants Pass, Oregon, a small town about 3 hours from Portland.

Music was always playing in her home when she was growing up. Laying in front of her parents stereo, closing her eyes and listening to Patsy Cline, Barbara Mandrell and Dolly Parton just planted big dreams and a passion for singing songs that would touch peoples' hearts. Family reunions and get-togethers were always planned around campfire sing-alongs, and those memories are ones she would like to bring back to families.

Being born very poor, the love of music saved her and gave her a place to run where there was peace and passion. Deanna remembers when the highlight of the week was Saturday night, when "Hee Haw" would come on the television...it was a Family Night!

Deanna has sang in many clubs with many different bands off and on over the years. Her passion has always been writing which she indulged in at every opportunity. Her first attempts at writing was with screen plays and poems. With her love for music and her talent for writing, it seemed the logical next step should be songwriting, which she accomplishes with great success.

Her sister Kelli and brother Ben were always behind her to pursue the dream of performing her own material on the big stage. As a matter of fact, all of Deanna's brothers and sisters have continually encouraged her to pursue her goals in a music career, with her Dad Harley being her biggest fan. Kalea Marie was her driving desire to make it happen. Katie was the bulldozer!!

Classes at NSAI brought her the wonderful friend in Brian White who took her under his wing and taught a very determined girl how to really write a song. Her best friend Nancy whom she could not live without was the final push to get her out there and make it happen.

The friends she has made here brought her to Nashville and now her story continues... Deanna made the opportunity to produce some demo recordings of her own written material and posted some of them on her web site, while continuing to chase her dreams by writing and co-writing new material. It was by chance and coincidence that Deanna met James Paycheck, and the two decided to put their talents together with the idea of a traditional-sounding duet team known as CASHnCHECKS.

Being inspired by such legends as Johnny & June, George & Tammy, Loretta & Conway, Keith & Lori, Tim & Faith... The future is open and she is going in full force with a wonderful partner and friend.

James Paycheck Photo

James Paycheck

James Paycheck was born to a hard drinking, country music singing father and to a hard working mother that constantly tried to keep the family together. It was hard growing up on a rural farm at that time and music seemed to be the only thing that provided some escape.

James remembers laying in bed as a young boy listening to the Grand Ole Opry on the radio until he fell asleep dreaming of standing in front of that red barn. At about nine years old his father showed him a few chords on the guitar which he practiced until his fingers were sore, then he'd practice some more. In a short time, the novelty of young James playing the guitar so well led his father to land him a job at a local watering hole, which paid $20.00 for three nights work.

At 14, James left the home farm to work at another farm and continued playing music with amateur bands. As time went on he tried his hand at many different jobs while chasing his dream of being a professional musician. For a short while he worked as a session musician and even co-wrote an instrumental for a local TV show. James was born a country music lover however he tried his talent at every venue of music possible, always coming back to his roots.

With dreams of The Opry being so far off, James decided to pursue a career in the gas and oil business as a heavy equipment operator on pipeline jobs, while continuing his hobby of writing and composing songs. Over the years he progressed up the ladder and reached a point of being a Superintendent/Consultant on large pipeline projects.

James has performed with some of the biggest names in the business playing everything from rock to country. He has also performed in some of the smallest juke joints north of the equator. Still, his love for music and the fans keeps him going and makes it all worth while.

Meeting Deanna Cash was the turning point for James that allowed the dream of a traditional sounding duet to become a reality. Deanna is an amazingly dedicated and enlightened song writer first, however she also puts as much or more effort and emotion into every song that she sings and performs. Deanna also came into James' life at a time when her sensitive nature and spiritual character had a profound effect on James bringing a turn around in his life and music.

James has always had a special love for traditional sounding country music and has brought that to the table in the CASHnCHECKS duo, while Deanna has a flare for the modern-sounding crossover style of country music. Together the pair has created some very unique songs while still entertaining their fans with many of the old time favorites we have all come to love.

As a recording artist, the music business can have many complicated stressful times. It is those times that brings the team of Deanna and James to appreciate the better times of seeing the smiling faces and dancing feet of their fans. The duet of CASHnCHECKS are Bible Believers and thank God at every opportunity to allow them to be doing what they love ... entertain and sing.

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