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October 2009's EMM Radio Featured Artist

Originally from Virginia, now living in Nashville,

Jimmy Parker

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EMM Radio's Featured Artist For The Month Of October 2009!

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Jimmy Parker!

AS a vocalist and recording artist, Jimmy Parker wakes up the music scene with a refreshing, original yet traditional style and a unique presence all his own. His childhood was spent growing up in Virginia. His parents saw at an early age he was into music as he copied his dad’s style of playing the piano by ear. They enrolled him for the next six years into piano training, honing his musical skills until he learned a few chords on the guitar and joined a rock n roll band at the age of 13.

ALL through his teen years he played with a band on weekends earning his spending money and learning to sing. He also sang in the church and in the high school choir. After spending four years in the military working as a photo-journalist, participating in some local theatre groups, and performing music on and off the military compounds. Jimmy, set out for his musical career. In 1990 after traveling on his own around the country and playing many places he moved to Nashville, Tn where he currently resides.

JUST before his move to Nashville, he released a record called, “Party of One,” a song written by his longtime, late friend, Harlan Sanders. It was released on Scrimshaw Records (owned by Jimmy’s longtime friend, R.C. O’Leary of Nashville) and it went to Number 1 for him in the New England region of the country. It debuted on WHIM in Providence Rhode Island and remained number 1 for 26 straight weeks and two more weeks after falling to number 2 for one week. This song took him into New England for shows and concerts as a headliner.

IN 1996, his wife, Lorili Parker, took ill with pulmonary fibrosis and Jimmy stopped his music career to work and stay by her side, until her death in March of 2004. Six months later he bought himself another guitar, began writing and recorded a cd called, Warm Love, that included 6 songs he wrote himself and some with Jimmy Clay Frizzell. Allen Frizzell, the brother of Lefty Frizzell, sang harmony with Jimmy on two of the songs. That session put the bug back into Jimmy and he decided he would put his heart and soul into his music. Since that first album, he has recorded two more, More Than You Know, released in 2006, and his new album released in May of 2009. The title of the new album is called, Real Deal. It includes songs Jimmy wrote (one with Howard Frady, and one with Rick Tiger and Danny Muhammed), songs written by The Mears Brothers (Jim and John), A Rodney Crowell song, a Johnny Cash song, a Sammy Kershaw song, and two Merle Haggard songs. The last two cd albums have been produced by Danny Muhammed. Though he has a few cover songs on this album Jimmy says that he did them his way and Danny Muhammed’s incomparable musicianship in the studio and both their creativity show that to be true.

TODAY, Jimmy’s fan base and support base is growing and growing fast. He has opened up a myspace page to promote his music. You, as an artist, a musician, or a fan of good country music are in for a treat when you listen to this smooth, rangy, yet edgy country voice. He has impeccable emotion in his songs and he records songs that he can identify with making it easier for the listener to feel the sincerity in his voice as it comes across very believable in his style of singing. AS his producer says when describing Jimmy as a country singer, "...he is the real deal."

JIMMY is not currently signed to a label but he desires to be on a label and is in the hunt for one. He uses his own label title, Heart2Heart Records to release his recording on. He is in the older male department but he still has a heart and a desire to do the best he can when he sings and performs.

TAKE time to listen to this man. If you also get a chance to know him, you will find an endearing man who loves life, his art, his friends, and is a dedicated and loyal, courageous and brave, exciting person to be around. Humble as he may be, he exudes confidence and an air of quality about him. He is well worth the effort and the time to get to know.

We hope you have fun checking out his website. Please feel free to leave your comments.

Particulars about Jimmy...

State of birth - Virginia
Birthdate _ June 18th
Residence: Nashville, Tn
Label: Unsigned
Publishing: Eastern Seaboard Music, BMI

Favorite male country singers - Merle Haggard, Lefty Frizzell, and Keith Whitley
Favorite female country singers - Tammy Wynette, Martina McBride
Favorite city - Nashville
Favorite Country Songs - Till I Gain Control Again, Running Kind, The Lonesome Fugitive, Love of My Life
Famous People he has performed with - Kitty Wells, Charlie Collins, Tim McGraw, Tracy Lawrence, Lane Brody, Thom Bresh, Vern Gosdin, Dick Curless, Jimmy Clay Frizzell, Earl Clark, and others.

Favorite thing to do: Laugh and be happy.
Favorite Food: Italian, Southern Cooked foods
Favorite Movie: Too many, I am a movie buff
© 2009 Jimmy Parker

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