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July 2009's EMM Radio Featured Artist

PJ Pacifico

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EMM Radio's Featured Artist For The Month Of July 2009!

PJ Pacifico & EMM Radio's Rick Dayton Photo

PJ Pacifico!

Critically acclaimed singer-songwriter P.J. Pacifico is set to release his new, eagerly awaited sophomore effort, “Always & Everywhere”, in stores and online July 14th. Filled with P.J.’s trademark brand of warm, inviting, hook-filled songs, the themes of “Always & Everywhere” take in everything from love and survival to redemption and recovery.

Following the success of his 2005 solo debut (the haunting “Well I’ll Be”), P.J. took to the road for a series of solo and full band dates; both as a headliner and as an opening act for several certified legends. The “Almost There-EP” and the forthcoming “Always & Everywhere” were written and recorded in between those dates, and the resulting material was subsequently, repeatedly road-tested. Doing so has given these new songs and performances tangible, considerable depth. The 14 track album of new material is entirely self-penned, with three exceptions. First, a cover of “This Street,” a song by ‘80s NYC-area indie legends, The Tracks, written by Steve Ferentzy (co-producer of “Well I’ll Be”). Next, "I Can't Say No"; a song written by P.J.'s best friend, Craig Newman. And lastly, an acoustic, ukulele based cover of The Beatles', "I Want To Hold Your Hand".

With the exception of the track “The Answer,” all but one of the six songs that comprise the “Almost There-EP” will be released on “Almost & Everywhere.” The leadoff single, “Jackbone,” features an appearance by The Samples’ Sean Kelly on background vocals, and will be serviced to AAA/Americana radio. P.J.'s sound has been described as “a jam session between James Taylor, Matthew Sweet and Jason Mraz,” with some classic rock influences thrown in for good measure. His songs feel immediately familiar and comfortable; straight from the heart and sure to get stuck in your head.

Photo is of PJ Pacifico and his band as they relax for a few minutes with EMM Radio's Rick Dayton (next to PJ), before opening for Lynyrd Skynyrd and Hank, Jr., at the Marion County Music Festival in SC, 2008.

Watch this video and let PJ tell you a little more about himself!

PJ performing "Another Me"

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