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March 2009's EMM Radio Featured Artist

The Hoyle Brothers

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EMM Radio's Featured Artist For The Month Of March 2009!

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The Hoyle Brothers!

The Hoyle Brothers are:

Trevor McSpadden - Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals

Brian Wilkie - Pedal Steel Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals

Steve Doyle - Lead Electric, Baritone and and Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals

Josh Piet - Electric Bass, Backing Vocals

Lance Helgeson - Drums, Backing Vocals

The Hoyle Brothers' brand of genuine country music draws from the genre's deepest traditions--lyrics that speak universal truths, melody lines that melt your heart and two-step rhythms that make your boots scoot.

Formed in 2002, The Hoyle Brothers have become the standard-bearers for real country music in Chicago. The band continues to play its weekly residencies at Chicago's The Hideout and The Empty Bottle, earning respect and recognition from a growing number of fans and music critics who find the boys' purity of purpose and first-rate musicianship irresistible. Some go a step further, predicting The Hoyle Brothers will eventually show Nashville that its current roster of pop-minded, new country stars, needs a little of The Hoyle Brothers' battered boot leather and real country soul.

The Hoyle Brothers approach their music the way a preacher might prepare for a sermon: Reference the good Book, find a theme that resonates and deliver it with fire and passion.

That's what makes The Hoyle Brothers so special.

The Hoyle Brothers didn't set out to reshape the country music landscape. The boys just wanted to play the kind of music they heard as kids on AM radios--tunes that their fathers hummed on the way to work and that brought on tears when family life got a little rocky.

For their part, The Hoyle Brothers invite you to see what the buzz is all about for yourself. Check out their touring schedule, sample some of their fine real country music and don't forget to pass along a "hi-dee-ya-ho" when you see the boys live. You'll be glad you did!

The Hoyle Brothers sing their song "In Here" on Chicago TV show Corporate Country Sucks.

The Hoyle Brothers sing their song "Friday" on the Chicago TV show Corporate Country Sucks.

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