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Sarah Gayle Taylor

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EMM Radio's Featured Artist For The Month Of December 2008!

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Sarah Gayle Taylor!

Rising fast on the music industry horizon is yet another bright shining star from Texas, that has caught the eyes, ears, and yes, in some cases, even the hearts of some of the music industry's most esteemed executives; and is quickly gaining a large number of fans and recognition both nationally and worldwide, leaving many to speculate if this dazzling young starlet's name will be the next to be added to the list of mega stars from the great state of Texas. This fast rising songstress is none other than country artist, Sarah Gayle Taylor.

Sarah Gayle Taylor was recently signed to the elite roster of international and primarily country music label, Lure Records, home of such legendary performers as: Charlie Louvin, Van Howard, The Tennessee Three, Jack Green, and Ernie Ashworth amongst other great names from Lure Records' roster. The award winning and Hall of Fame executives at the helm of Lure Records, Todd Washburn and Ken Pearson were immediately impressed with Sarah Gayle Taylor's 'pitch perfect' vocal qualities and capabilities, as well as her natural grace and style when introduced by notable and respected music industry exec Andrew Lane, (President/CEO of Drew Right Music Inc. Los Angeles and Atlanta, President/CEO of Silent Kaos Productions, Los Angeles, Vice President/Music Production and Marketing Executive of Mega Music/Universal/Bungalo in Universal City, California, and well known for his work with such artists as The Back Street Boys, Hannah Montana, 2 Pac, T-Boz, and Keith Sweat amongst many others).

To gain the musical, professional and personal respect of such sought after and elite music industry executives as Andrew Lane, Todd Washburn and Ken Pearson, three names synonymous with music industry success, it takes a lot more than being just another pretty face. ...It takes talent. REAL talent. Apparently, these well known music industry pros believe Sarah Gayle Taylor has what it takes, and are backing her up all the way.

Projected to be a hit on the country charts, the Sarah Gayle Taylor single titled "I Miss Us", which was written by legendary songwriters Gloria Nissenson and Gary Portnoy, (famous for writing the theme song for the long running and widely popular television show Cheers), is getting rave reviews and an immense amount of requests for the song from listeners of radio stations all across the US and Europe. According to radio promotions exec Ken Pearson, almost immediately after Sarah Gayle Taylor's new single hit the airwaves, on a number of radio stations the phone lines were lighting up with calls from listeners asking "Who was that artist?!" Listeners on the request lines have been unrelenting in requesting the single "I Miss Us" ever since. According to the website of internet radio station, Super Country Radio, (www.supercountryradio.com), Sarah Gayle Taylor's single, "I Miss Us" is currently standing at the #4 position of the "Top 20 List" of most requested songs on that station. This single is currently being played on over 2,000 mainstream, college and internet radio stations both nationally and worldwide according to Ken Pearson.

There is no false advertising in the title of this CD either, as it turns out, Sarah Gayle Taylor really is a 'Texas Sweetheart'. After proving her talent to the 'powers that be' in the music industry, and while making a name for herself in the business, Sarah Gayle Taylor has proven her character and compassion as well by using her name and recently becoming involved in working with charitable organizations such as The Alzheimer's Association, (www.alz.org), and the HELP (Handicapped, Engagement, Loyalty, Protection), International Organization which aids in addressing the needs of handicapped children in the US and Germany, (http://www.myspace.com/helpcharity).

"The Texas Sweetheart" was very well received in Nashville, Tennessee on a recent trip to meet with both executives and legendary artists associated with Lure Records and Bluesprings Music Group. Sarah Gayle Taylor was given the opportunity for an impromptu performance on stage at the legendary Ryman Auditorium, home of The Grand Ole Opry. Accompanied by Ken Pearson, who stated that the experience was both moving and spiritual, like witnessing music industry history in the making while feeling the presence(s) of all the greats who have graced that stage before her.

Here's Sarah's video "I Miss Us"

Here's a brief interview with Sarah about her upcoming album and tour.

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